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Master’s Degree in Religion and Science

The Two-Year Master’s Degree is joint academic program conducted by the Global Ministries University, California, and ...


Diploma in Religion and Science

Certificate Course in Science and Religion of 6 months’ duration is offered by the Institute. The Certificate is issued by the Global Ministries University, California...

Science, philosophy and religion

The Course in general is an exploration of the current debates at the intersection between science, philosophy, religion and spirituality. It explores the epistemic, philosophical...

Certificate Course

Science and mysticism

This course is a developed version of the course Science and Mysticism – An Integral Vision of Reality, which was chosen for by the Centre for Theology and ...

Certificate Course

Neurobiology and neuroreligion

The Human brain containing 100 billion neurons is the most complex thing we know of and the super ‘machine’ ever evolved. Neuroscientific discoveries are already...

Certificate Course


Neuroethics is in a way the imaging of ethics itself. It means today we understand the neurological grounds of the human ethical and unethical behaviour...

Certificate Course