The light of truth

Introduction to Science-Religion Dialogue

Scientists and Faith

Catholic Church and Science

Galileo Episode Revisited

Theory of Evolution and Religious Implications

Evolution and Faith

Evolution & Human Dignity

Evolution & Creation

Cosmology and Big Questions

Big Bang and God

Cosmic Fine Tuning - 1

Cosmic Fine Tuning - 2

Cosmic Fine Tuning - 3

Big Bang and Creation

End of the Universe

Gravitational Waves and Foundational Issues

Astrobiology and Astrotheology

Hawking’s No-boundary Theory: A Philosophical Critique

Purposiveness in the Cosmos

Beauty of the Cosmos

Introduction to Physics and Philosophy

Quantum Physics and Quantum Theology: I

Quantum Physics and Quantum Theology: 2

God Particle

Philosophico-Religious Issues in Thermodynamics

Chaos Theory: Philosophical and Religious Implications

Theory of Relativity: A Philosophical and Religious Appraisal – I

Theory of Relativity: A Philosophical and Religious Appraisal – II

Nanotechnology and Philosophy

Introduction to Biotechnology

Recent Breakthroughs and the Big Challenges

Ethical Issues in Gene Editing

Philosophico-Religious Issues in Human Genome Project

Cloning in Multidisciplinary perspectives

Artificial Life and Foundational Questions

Ethical Issues in Reproductive Technologies

Ethico-legal and Social Issues in Stem Cell Research

The Transhumanist Debate

Philosophico-Religious Debate on Origin of Life

Science-Religion Debate on Evolution of Life

What is Neuroreligion?

Neurotheology and God

Neuroscience and Mysticism

The Neuroscience of Stigmata

Neuroscience, Spirituality and Health

The Neurobiology of Near Death Experience

Science-Religion Debate on Artificial Intelligence

Robotics, Robotheology and Roboethic

Mirror Neurons

Philosophical Issues in Mathematical Sciences

Mathematics and Uncertainty

Zero and Infinity

Fuzzy Mathematics

Scientific and Philosophical Atheism

Responses to Scientific Atheism

Neurological Views on Atheism