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The following books in the field of science-religion dailogue covering the areas of Modern Cosmology, Biological Sciences, Mental Sciences, Computer Science, Indian Sciences, History of Science, Philosophy of Science, etc., are available at the Library of the Institute of Science and Religion. The books could be searched by Title or Author. (Updated on Deember 31, 2021). Please contact the librarian, [email protected], to acess these books.

Please contact the librarian, [email protected], to acess these books.
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4 I:5 R:15 :1 The Large, the Small and the Human Mind Roger Penrose
5 I:8 G:12 :1 Meditation, Oneness and Physics Glen Peter Kezwer
6 I:9 G:1 :1 Science in Culture Peter Galison, Stephn R. Graubard and Evertt Mende
7 I:9 F:5 :1 Man Made No Author
8 I:8 G:15 :1 Science and Religion in India David L. Gosling
9 I:8 M:9 :1 Before the Beginning and after the End - Beyond the Universe of Physics rediscovering Ancient Insights Rishi Kumar Mishra
10 I:8 I:25 :2 Hinduism and Scientific Quest T.R.R. Lyengar
11 I:20 T:3 W:21 :1 Tao Teh Ching Lao Tzu
12 I:11 P:1 :2 Brain and Behaviour (Missing) Sunil K. Pandya and Nikhil Shah
13 I:11 S:20 :2 Metaphors of mind, conceptions of the nature of Intelligence Robert J. Sternberg
14 I:3 H:1 :10 The Beginning of Time, Some Public Lectures Stephen Hawking
15 I:7 P:1 :5 Theology and the Scientific World view towards New Perspectives Augustine Pamplany
16 I:12 D:1 :4 The Fifth Miracle: The Search for the Origin and Meaning of Life Paul Davies
17 I:3 B:1 :6 The Constraints of Nature John D Barrow
18 I:20 L:4 V:1 :1 Textures of Light - Vision and Touch in Irigaray, Levinas and Merleau-Ponty Cathryn Vasseleu
19 I:19 A:1 :1 The Shaping of Indian Science Universities Press
20 I:15 P:1 :1 Promises Of Life K. Pandikattu & K. Suriano
21 I:11 R:1 :4 Advances in Neuroimaging: The 2006 Progress Report on Brain Research Marcus Raichle
22 I:1 R:15 :1 Philosophy of Science - A Contemporary Introduction Alex Rosenberg
23 I:19 K:3 V:1 :1 Metaphysics: The big questions Peter Van lnwagen and Dean W. Zimmerman
24 I:3 V:5 :1 Why Are Things in the Way They Are? G. Venkatarama
25 I:19 P:9 :1 Self-deception And Paradoxes of Rationality Jean Pierre Dupuy
26 I:20 B:30 M:15 Theology and Religions Viggo Mortensen
27 I:12 L:1 :1 Oxygen: The Molecule that Made The World Nick Lane
28 I:5 P:15 :1 Quantum Theory and The Schism in Physics Karl R. Popper
29 I:9 N:1 :2 Prapancham (Malayalam) P. Kesavan Nair
30 I:19 D:1 :1 Guide to Palaces of the World Readers Digest Association LMT
31 I:3 C:15 :3 The Hole in the Universe K. C. Cole
32 I:18 C:12 :1 The Mysteries of Religion - An Introduction to Philosophy through Religion Stephen R. L. Clark
33 I:10 Z:9 :1 Evolution - The Triumph of An Idea: From Darwin to DNA Carl Zimmer
34 I:12 S:3 :1 What is Life? - The Physical Aspect of the Living Cell with Mind and Matter Erwin Schrodinger
35 I:3 C:8 :4 The Universe Next Door: The Making of Tomorrow's Science Marcus Chown
36 I:1 A:20 :1 Galileo’s Finger: The Ten Great Ideas of Science Peter Atkins
37 I:20 L:2 D:1 :1 The Thought of Thomas Aquinas Brian Davies
38 I:12 P:25 :1 Artificial life, In Silico Thomas Pynchon
39 I:7 S:3 :2 The Vanquished Gods, Science, Religion and the Nature of Belief Richard H. Schlagel
41 I:14 F:18 :1 Human Values and the Design of Computer Technology Batya Friedman
42 I:3 K:1 :1 Supersymmetry - Unveiling of the Ultimate Laws of Nature Gordon Kane
43 I:20 K:4 R:21 :1 Religion, Ontotheology and Deconstruction Henry Ruf
44 I:17 :10 Oxford Dictionary of Science No Author
45 I:20 P:16 L:9 :1 Technology and the Good Life? Eric Higgs, Andrew Light and David Strong
46 I:20 P:5 S:8 :1 Philosophy of Mathematics Structure and Ontology Stewart Shapiro
47 I:1 M:15 :1 Models as Mediators, Perspectives on Natural and Social Scienc Marys Morgan And Margaret Morrison
48 I:20 P:16 S:3 :1 Philosophy of Technology the Technological Conditions an Anthology Robert C Scharaff and Val Dusek
49 I:20 K:11 P:15 :1 Classics of Philosophy Louis P. Pojman
50 I:12 H:1 :2 Clones, Genes, Immortality, Ethics and the Genetic Revolution John Harris
51 I:7 G:9 :1 Species of Origins - America's Search for a Creation Story Karl W. Giberson & Donald A. Yerxa
52 I:19 M:1 :2 World wide laws of Life John Marks Templeton
53 I:3 S:9 :1 The Big Bang Joseph Silk
56 I:9 S:1 :2 More Folktales of Science Dilip M. Salvi
57 I:4 P:1 :1 Subtle is the Lord... The Science and the Life of Albert Einstein Abraham Pais
59 I:20 R:4 K:5 :1 Dictionary of Buddhism Damien Keown
60 I:20 O:8 J:21 :2 The Spirit in Man, Art and Literature Carl Gustav Jung
61 I:20 K:27 F:5 :1 Aesthetics Susan Feagin and Patrick Maynard
62 I:20 O:8 J:21 :1 Four Archetypes: Mother, Rebirth, Spirit, Trickster Carl Gustav Jung
63 I:20 M:8 E:12 :1 The Mystical Circle of Life - You are Immortal Robert Elias Najemy
64 I:18 N:1 :3 The Scientific Edge Jayant V. Narlikar
65 I:13 K:15 :1 Fuzzy Thinking -The New Science of Fuzzy Logic Bart Kosko
66 I:8 C:15 :1 Heidegger and Sankara, A comparative study of thinking of being and advaita Bosco Correya
67 I:5 M:15 :1 Achilles in The Quantum Universe - The Definitive History of Infinity Richard Morris
68 I:20 K:4 F:5 :1 Nature God and humanity Richard L. Fern
69 I:19 U:14 :1 The Shaping of Indian Science Vol.2 Universities Press
70 I:8 C:1 :1 The Realm of Supraphysics - Mind, Energy and Matter in the Light of the Vedas Rishi Kumar Mishra
71 I:3 S:3 :2 The Restless Universe - Understanding X-ray Astronomy in the Age of Chandra and Newton Eric M. Schlegel
72 I:2 O:12 :1 Science Deified & Science Defied - The Historical Significance of science in Western Culture - Vol.2 Richard Olson
73 I:6 K:5 :1 In The Wake of Chaos - Unpredictable Order in Dynamical Systems Stephen H. Kellert
74 I:20 K:27 K:15 :1 Aesthetics: The Big Questions Carolyn Korsmeyer
75 I:7 P:16 :1 The End of The World and The Ends of God - Science and Theology on Eschatology John Polkinghorne and Michael Welke
76 I:7 B:21 :1 God and Creation - An Ecumenical Symposium David B. Burrell and Bernard McGinn
77 I:5 M:1 :2 Nature Loves to Hide - Quantum Physics and Reality, A Western Perspective Shimon Malin
78 I:13 M:15 :1 Race and IQ - Expanded Edition Ashley Montagu
79 I:3 H:1 :8 The Future of Spacetime Stephan W. Hawking, Kip S. Thorne, Igor Novikov, Timothy Ferris, And Alan Lightman
80 I:11 F:18 :1 The Sun, The Genome and The Internet: Tools of Scientific Revolution Freeman J. Dyson
81 I:19 U:14 :2 The Shaping Of Indian Science Vol.1 Universities Press
82 I:11 R:1 :2 Neurology and What Lies Beyond Swami Ranganathananda
83 I:11 D:1 :2 The Secret Language of the Mind: A Visual Inquiry into the Mysteries of Consciousness David Cohen
84 I:12 E:14 :1 The Art of Genes: How Organisms Make Themselves Enrico Cohen
85 I:7 J:15 :2 Science, Technology and Values - Science-Religion Dialogue in a Multi-Religious World Job Kozhamthadam
86 I:4 E:9 :3 The Meaning of Relativity Einstein
87 I:1 J:15 :1 John Stuart Mill’s Philosophy of Scientific Method John Stuart Mill
88 I:20 L:4 W:5 :1 Philosophy, Literature and the Human Good Michael Weston
89 I:7 R:1 :2 Science and Spirituality Swami Ranganathananda
90 I:12 S:20 :1 Redesigning Humans - Choosing our Children's Genes Gregory Stock
91 I:11 N:1 :1 Mind, Matter and Mystery - Questions in Science and Philosophy Ranjit Nair
92 I:19 H:21 :2 Encyclopedia of Science and Religion - Vol.1 J. Wentzel Vrede Van Huyssteen
93 I:20 L:4 C:1 :1 Philosophy for the 21st Century Steven M.Cahn
94 I:11 R:9 :1 The Mysteries of the Mind Richard Restak
95 I:19 S:20 :1 The Illustrated A Brief History Of Time Stephen Hawking
96 I:19 S:20 :3 On the Shoulders of Giants Stephen Hawking
97 I:19 K:17 T:8 :1 Eco-Dynamics of religions: Thought for the third millennium Augustine Thottakara
98 I:3 B:5 :1 The future of Universe, Chance Chaos, God Arnold Benz
99 I:11 S:9 :1 Textbook of Human Neuroanatomy Inderbir Singh
100 I:3 H:1 :9 The Future of Space Time Stephan W. Hawking, Kip S. Thorne, Igor Novikov, Timothy Ferris & Alan Lightman
101 I:5 J:15 :1 Quantum Mechanics- Scientific Perspectives on divine action Robert John Russell
102 I:15 G:1 :1 Ecology and Equity Madhav Gadgil And Ramachandra Guha
103 I:15 C:18 :1 Ecological Imperialism Alfred W. Crosby
104 I:5 P:1 :1 The Cosmic Code - Quantum Physics as the Language of Nature Heinz R. Pagels
105 I:5 V:5 :1 Quantum Revolution III What is Reality? G. Venkataraman
106 I:5 V:5 :2 Quantum Revolution II QED The Jewel of Physics G. Venkataraman
107 I:5 V:5 :3 Quantum Revolution the Breakthrough G. Venkataraman
108 I:5 R:21 :1 Quantum Cosmology and the Laws of Nature - Scientific Perspectives on Divine Action Robert J Russell, Murphy, Isham (Eds.)
109 I:6 T:15 :1 Order out of Chaos – Man’s New Dialogue with Nature Ilya Prigogine
110 I:6 D:1 :1 The Cosmic Blueprint- Order and complexity at the Edge of chaos Paul Davies
111 I:19 X:1:1 God of Atoms Francis P. Xavier
112 I:9 C:1 :2 The Tao of Physics- An Exploration of the Parallels between modern Physics and Eastern Mysticism Fritjof Capra
113 I:5 Z:15 :1 The Quantum society - Mind, Physics and a New Social Vision Dansh Zohar And Ian Marshall
114 I:6 J:15 :2 Chaos (mal.) K. Babu Joseph
115 I:5 P:1 :2 The Metaphysics of quantum Physics Jacob Pallineerackal
116 I:3 N:1 :4 Elements of Cosmology Jayant V. Narlikar
117 I:3 S:3 :1 Eschatology Hans Schwarz
118 I:3 H:1 :3 Stephen Hawking A Life in Science Michael White And John Gribbin
119 I:9 C:1 :6 Uncommon wisdom - Conversation with Remarkable People Fritjof Capra
120 I:3 W:5 :2 The first Three minutes Steven Weinberg
121 I:3 H:1 :4 A Brief History of Our Time - From the Big Bang to Black Holes Stephen Hawking
122 I:5 O:13 :1 Quantum Philosophy Understanding and Interpreting Contemporary Science Roland Omnes
123 I:5 M:21 :1 Quantum Theology Diarmuid O& Murchu
124 I:10 A:16 :1 Darwin - A Norton Critical Edition Philp Appleman
125 I:6 G:12 :1 Chaos Making a New Science James Gleick
126 I:7 P:15 :4 The God of Hope and the End of the World John Polkinghorne
127 I:1 B:1 :2 Philosophy of Science Contemporary readings Yuri Balashov And Alex Rosenberg(Ed.)
128 I:7 P:5 :1 Paths from Science Towards God the end of all our Exploring Arthur Peacocke
129 I:7 B:5 :1 Intelligent Design- The Bridge between Science & Theology William A. Dembski
130 I:3 S:1 :3 Cosmos Carl Sagan
131 I:7 C:15 :1 Competing Truths Theology and Science as Sibling Rivals Richard J. Coleman
132 I:7 H:5 :1 Expanding Humanity’s Vision of God-New Thoughts on Science and Religion Robert L. Herrmann
133 I:7 H:15 :1 Who Made you? Theology, Science, and Human Responsibility Alfred H. Howell
134 I:9 D:25 :1 Infinite in all Directions Freeman Dyson
135 I:7 B:18 :1 Reconstructing Nature- The Engagement of Science and Religion Glasgow Gifford Lectures John Brooke And Geoffrey Cantorv
136 I:7 H:21 :1 The Quran for Astronomy and Earth Exploration from Space S. Waqar Ahmed Husaini
137 I:7 H:15 :2 Religion and The Rise of Modern Science R. Hooykaas
138 I:7 P:1 :1 Toward a Theology of Nature-Essays on Science and Faith Wolfhart Pannenberg
139 I:4 D:1 :1 About Time – Einstein’s Unfinished Revolution Paul Davis
140 I:4 A:3 :1 God’s Equation Einstein, Relativity and the Expanding universe Amir Aczel
141 I:9 P:25 :1 Creative Couples in the Science Helena M. Pycior, Nancy G. Slack and Pnina G. Abir
142 I:7 M:15 :3 Theology and Scientific Knowledge- Changing Models of God's Presence in the World Christopher F. Mooney
143 I:7 P:1 :3 Knowledge of God, Calvin, Einstein and Polanyi Iain Paul
144 I:3 H:1 :7 A Brief history of Time Stephen W. Hawking
145 I:7 M:3 :1 The Foundations of Dialogue in Science Alister E. Mc Grath
146 I:7 P:5 :2 Theology for a Scientific Age - Being and Becoming - Natural, Divine and Human Arthur Peacocke
147 I:5 K:18 :1 Quantum Generations- A History of Physics in the Twentieth Century Helge Kragh
148 I:7 P:5 :3 Creation and the World of Science A R Peacocke
149 I:3 S:13 :1 The Life of the Cosmos Lee Smolin
150 I:5 H:5 :2 Quantum Reality - Beyond the New Physics Nick Herbert
151 I:9 D:5 :1 The Cosmic Dance - Science Discovers the Mysterious Harmony of the Universe Giuseppe Del Re
152 I:7 P:15 :3 Faith, Science and Understanding John Polkinghorne
153 I:7 S:13 :1 Articles on Science and Religion Drees, Quentin Smith, D. Breed, J. Mcpherson, Worthing
154 I:7 P:1 :2 The Mind Of God- The Scientific Basis for A Rational World Paul Davies
155 I:7 R:21 :1 John Paul II on Science and Religion Reflection on the New View From Rome Robert John Russell, Stoeger
156 I:9 C:1 :4 The Turning Point - Science, Society, and Rising Culture Fritjof Capra
157 I:8 J:15 :1 Science and Mysticism - A Comparative Study of Western Natural Science Theravada Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta Richard H. Jones
158 I:9 D:1 :2 River Out of Eden - A Darwinian View of Life Richard Dawkins
159 I:7 R:1 :1 Science and Spirit Ravi Ravindra
160 I:8 Z:21 :1 The Dancing Wu Li Masters - An Overview of the New Physics Gary Zuku
161 I:5 G:18 :2 Schrodinger’s Kittens and the Search for Reality John Gribbin
162 I:5 D:1 :1 The Ghost in the Atom- A Discussion of the Mysteries of Quantum Physics P. C. W. Davies And J. R. Brown
163 I:5 G:18 :1 Q is for Quantum - Particle Physics from A to Z John Gribbin
164 I:9 D:1 :1 The Secret of the Creative Vacuum- Man and the Energy Dance John Davidson
165 I:7 P:15 :1 The Way The World Is John Polkinghorne
166 I:9 C:1 :8 The Web of Life Fritjof Capra
167 I:8 W:5 :1 Dialogues With Scientists and Sages the Search for Unity Renee Weber
168 I:9 C:1 :7 The Web of Life- A New Synthesis of Mind and Matter Fritjof Capra
169 I:9 L:1 :1 The Whispering Pond - A Personal Guide to the Emerging Vision of Science Ervin Laszlo
170 I:7 B:1 :1 Scientists Who Believe Eric C. Barrett And David Fisher (Eds)
171 I:3 H:1 :6 Black Holes and Baby Universes and Other Essays Stephen Hawking
172 I:7 J:1 :1 Miracles and Physics Stanley L. Jaki
173 I:9 M:9 :1 Science and Salvation a Modern Myth and its Meaning Mary Midgley
174 I:3 H:1 :2 Black Holes and Baby Universes and Other Essays Stephen Hawking
175 I:5 J:1 :1 The Philosophy of Quantum Mechanics The Interpretations of Quantum Mechanics in Historical perspectives Max Jammer
176 I:7 C:12 :1 God and Contemporary Science Philp D. Clayton
177 I:7 K:15 :1 Interrelations and Interpretations Job Kozhamthadam
178 I:9 P:18 :1 Time’s Arrow & Archimedes Point New Directions For The Physics of Time Huw Price
179 I:8 T:1 :1 Mysticism and the New Physics Michael Talbot
180 I:8 I:25 :1 Hinduism and Scientific Quest T.R. R. Iyenger
181 I:5 H:5 :1 Quantum Reality - Beyond the New Physics Nick Herbert
182 I:12 B:18 :1 The Genome plant, Animal, Human Robert Brungs and Marianne Postiglione
183 I:7 R:21 :2 Physics, Philosophy and Theology - A Common Quest for Understanding Robert J. Russell Stoeger, Coyne (Eds.)
184 I:7 D:1 :1 God and the New Physics Paul Davies
185 I:3 B:1 :4 The Anthropic Cosmological Principle John D. Barrow
186 I:12 H:5 :2 The Human Factor - Evolution, Culture, and Religion Philip Hefner
187 I:12 T:21 :2 Human Cloning - Religious Responses Ronald Cole Turner
188 I:12 R:9 :1 Genome - The Autobiography of a Species in 23 chapters Matt Ridley
189 I:7 K:15 :2 Interrelations and Interpretations - Philosophical Reflections in On Science Religion and Hermeneutics in Honour of Richard De Smet and Jean De Marneffe Job Kozhamthadam
190 I:7 R:9 :1 Religion and Science History, Method, Dialogue W. Mark Richardson and Wesley J. Wildman
191 I:7 W:1 :2 God, Faith and the New Millennium- Christian Belief in an Age of Science Keith Ward
192 I:1 R:12:2 Philosophy of Science - A Contemporary Introduction Alex Roseberg
193 I:1M:15 :1 Science in Translation - Movements of Knowledge Through Cultures and Time Scott L. Montgomery
194 I:1 B:15 :1 Wholeness and the Implicate Order David Bohm
195 I:5 E:12 :1 Quantum Reflections John Ellis And Daniele Amati(Ed.)
196 I:5 B:15 :1 The Undivided Universe An Ontological Interpretation of Quantum Theory D. Bobm And B. J. Hiley
197 I:5 A:12 :1 Quantum Mechanics and Experience David Z Albert
198 I:11 B:18 :1 Whatever happened to the Soul - Scientific and Theological Portraits of Human Nature Warren S. Brown, Nancy Murphy
199 I:11 P:5 :1 Science and The Christian Experiment A. R. Peacocke
200 I:11 S:20 :1 Grounds for Reasonable Belief Russell Stannard
201 I:11 C:8 :2 Scientific Realism and The Plasticity of Mind Paul M. Churchland
202 I:17 :12 Dictionary of Science And Technology R. S. Pillai (Chief Editor)
203 I:17 :13 Science Encyclopedia Dorling Kindersley
204 I:12 P:6 :1 The Cell John Pfeiffer
205 I:20 K:11 C:1 :1 Foucault and Religion - Spiritual Corporality and Political Spirituality Jeremy Carrette
206 I:20 K:11 N:15 :1 Philosophy, The Power of Ideas Brooke Noel Moore
207 I:7 :5 Interpretation Matters Science and Religion at the Crossroads Harvard College
208 I:3 S:1 :2 Billions and Billions Thoughts on Life and Death at the Brink of the Millennium Carl Sagan
209 I:20 K:11 R:15 :2 Philosophy of Mathematics, an lntroduction to the World of Proofs and Pictures James Robert Brown
210 I:11 S:9 :2 Answering Your Questions About Brain Research William Safire
211 I:20 L:4 S:9 :1 The Routledge Companion to Postmodernism Stuart Sim
212 I:7 P:1:1 Science Spirituality and The Modernization of India Makarand Paranjape
213 I:7 E:1 :9 [email protected] Kuvuville Pandikattu
214 I:12 C:1 :1 Due consideration- Controversy in The Age of Medical Miracles Arthur Caplan
215 I:12 D:1 :2 The Sequence Inside the Race for the Human Genome Kevin Davies
216 I:7 M:1 :9 Bodies and Souls, or Spirited Bodies? Nancy Murphy
217 I:12 P:1 :1 Biotechnology Prof. G. Padmanaban
218 I:3 S:1 :4 Cosmos Carl Sagan
219 I:5 M:1 :1 Nature Loves to Hide Quantum Physics and Reality, A Western Perspective Shimon Malin
220 I:5 L:9 :1 Great Ideas in Physics The conservation of Energy , the Second Law of Thermodynamics, The Theory of Relativity, and Quantum Mechanics Alan Lightman
221 I:5 R:1 :1 Quantum Physics: Illusion or Reality Alastair I. M. Rae
222 I:7 B:1 :3 Religion and Science Ian G. Barbour
223 I:1 L:1 :1 Understanding Philosophy of Science James Ladyman
224 I:3 N:1 :3 Seven Wonders of the Cosmos Jayant V. Narlikar
225 I:12 D:18 :1 Theology and Biotechnology - Implications for a New Science Celia Deane Drummond
226 I:3 N:1 :2 The Structure of the Universe Jayant Narlikar
227 I:11 V:5 :1 Understanding Consciousness Max Velmans
228 I:12 F:21 :1 Our Post Human Future- Consequences of The Biotechnology Revolution Francis Fukuyama
229 I:5 H:9 :1 Quantum Implications Essays in Honour of David Bohm B.J. Hiley And F. David Peat(Ed.)
230 I:9 N:1 :3 Prapanchanrutham(mal.) P. Kesavan Nair
231 I:9 T:8 :1 Reiki - Prapancha Shakthiyude Saukhyadayaka Rahasyam (Mal.) Annamma Thomas
232 I:7 A:18 :1 The Mind of the Universe Understanding Science and Religion Mariano Artigas
233 I:11 C:8 :1 Equinox The Brain Jack Challoner
234 I:20 K:27 C:15 :2 A Companion to Aesthetics David Cooper
235 I:7 :1 Jnanadeepa: Pune Journal of Religious Studies Vol. 5 No. 1 January 2002 Jnanadeepa Vidyapeeth
236 I:7 B:1 :2 When Science Meets Religion - Enemies, Strangers, or Partners? Ian G. Barbour
237 I:7 S:9 :1 Religion and the Challenges of Science William Sweet
238 I:3 B:1 :7 The Constants of Nature John D Barrow
239 I:11 A:19 :1 The Humanizing Brain Where Religion and Neuroscience Meet James B. Ashbrook and Carol Rausch Albright
240 I:11 K:5 :1 Brain Mystery Light and Dark- The Rhythm and Harmony of Consciousness Charles Don Keyes
241 I:7 R:9 :2 Science and the Spiritual Quest- New Essays by Leading Scientists W. Mark Richardson(Ed.)
242 I:7 H:1 :2 Science and Religion in Search of cosmic Purpose John F. Haught(Edi)
243 I:7 T:5 :1 Possibilities for Over One Hundredfold More Spiritual Information - The Humble Approach in Theology and Science Sir John Templeton
244 I:7 S:22 :1 God for the 21st Century Russelll Stannard
245 I:3 M:21 :1 Cosmic Understanding - philosophy and science of the universe Milton K. Munitz
246 I:7 M:1 :3 Is God the Only Reality - Science Points a Deeper Meaning of the Universe John Mark Templton & Robert L. Herrmann
247 I:3 H:15 :1 Frontiers Of Astronomy Fred Hoyle
248 I:10 D:1 :3 The Blind Watchmaker Richard Dawkins
249 I:4 E:9 :1 Ideas and Opinions Albert Einstein
250 I:7 H:5 :2 Faith and Reason Paul Helm
251 I:7 F:15 :1 Religious Faith meets Modern Science Paulinus F. Forsthoefel
252 I:7 P:15 :6 Beyond Science- The Wider Human Context John Polkinghorne
253 I:3 P:1 :1 Perfect Symmetry - The Search for the Beginning of Time Heinz R. Pagels
254 I:3 V:5 :3 Raman and His Effect G. Venaktaraman
255 I:3 H:1 :1 A Brief History of Time Stepheen W. Hawking
256 I:1 B:1:1 Between Inner Space and Outer Space John D. Barrow
257 I:4 C:12 :3 Einstein the Life and times- With 16 pages of Photographs and new afterwards by Sir Bernard Lovell and ronald W. Clark Ronald W. Clark
258 I:7 L:15 :1 The Spirit of Science - From Experiment to Experience David Lorimer
259 I:1 H:15 :2 The End of Science John Horgan
260 I:4 C:12 :1 Einstein The Life and times Ronald W. Clark
261 I:1 F:1 :1 The Limits of Scientific Reasoning David Faust
262 I:4 B:5 :1 Einstein Jeremy Bernstein
263 I:4 B:5 :1 Einstein Jeremy Bernstein
264 I:4 B:5 :1 Einstein Jeremy Bernstein
265 I:7 H:5 :3 God, Science Robert L. Herrmann
266 I:1 K:21 :1 The Structure of Scientific Revolutions Thomas S. Kuhn
267 I:1 K:21 :1 The Structure of Scientific Revolutions Thomas S. Kuhn
268 I:3 W:5 :1 Dreams of a Final Theory The Search for Fundamental Laws of Nature Steven Weinberg
269 I:7 J:15 :1 The Redemption of Matter - Towards the Rapprochement of Science and Religion James W Jones
270 I:4 V:5 :1 At the Speed of Light G. Venaktaraman
271 I:10 H:1 :2 Responses to 101 questions of God and Evolution John F. Haught
272 I:3 B:5 :2 Chandrasekhar and His Limit G. Venkataraman
273 I:20 K:17 D:5 :4 Acts on Religion Jacqes Derrida
274 I:20 K:6 K:15 :1 Celebrative Ethics Paulachan P. Kochappilly
275 I:10 R:21 :2 Evolutionary Molecular Biology - Scientific Perspectives on Divine Action Weidinfeld and Nicolson
276 I:5 W:9 :1 Quantum Questions - Mystical Writings of the World's Great Physicists Ken Wilber
277 I:5 R:1 :2 Quantum Physics: Illusion or Reality Alastair I. M. Rae
278 I::20 K:22 M:1 :1 The Philosophy of Interpretation Joseph Margolis
279 I:20 K:20 W:15 :1 An Introduction to Philosophy of Education - Third Edition Robin Barrow and Ronald Woods
280 I:18 T:15 :1 Karl Barth - An Introduction to His Early Theology 1910-1931 Thomas F. Torrance
281 I:18 S:9 :1 Hindu Spirituality Vedas through Vedanta Krishna Sivaraman(Ed.)
282 I:12 S:12 :1 Controlling our Destinies - Historical, Philosophical, Ethical, and Theological Perspectives on the Human Genome Project Philip R. Solan (Ed.)
283 I:10 D:1 :4 Jeevajathikalude Utbhavam (Mal.) The Origin of Species Charles Darwin
284 I:1 B:15 :2 Wholeness and the Implicate Order David Bohm
285 I:4 S:3 :1 Einstein for Beginners Joseph Schwartz And Michael Msguinness
286 I:5 M:15:1 Faster Than The Speed of Light Joao Magueijo
287 I:20 K:15 G:18 :1 The Human Encounter with Death Stanislav Grof
288 I:18 G:18 :2 J Jewish Spirituality from the Sixteenth - Century Revival to the Present Arthur Green(Ed.)
289 I:1 F:18 :1 Popper Frederic Raphael
290 I:11 S:3 :1 Mind and Matter - Man’s Changing Concepts of the Material world Cecil J. Schneer
291 I:4 S:20 :1 Einstein’s Miraculous Year- Five Papers that Changed the Face of Physics John Stachel
292 I:20 K:4 T:15 :1 Divine and Contingent Order Thomas F. Torrance
293 I:20 K:11 P:1 :3 Tamas - Alternative Ways of Viable Existence Kuruvilla Pandikattu
294 I:17 :11 Basic Guidelines for Non-Profits, Grant Application Guidelines, International/Foreign Grant makers, Council on Foundations&' Members, Glossary of Terms for Non-Profits J. T. F.
295 I:20 A:13 H:15 :1 Social-Scientific Approaches to New Testament Interpretation David G. Gorrel
296 I:20 K:11 H:5 :1 Mathematics, Science and Postclassical Theory Barbara Herrnstein Smith and Arkady Plotnitsky
297 I:20 G:2 M:1 John Henry Newman Brian Martin
298 I:20 K:19 W:9 :1 Philosophical Investigations Ludwig Wittgenstein - The German Text, With a Revised English Translation Ludwig Wittgenstein
299 I:20 K:12 F:15 :1 Madness and Civilization - A History of Insanity in the Age of Reason Michel Foucault
300 I:20 K:11 V:12 :1 Marxist-Leninist Philosophy E. Ivanov
301 I:2 P:5 :1 Vatican Observatory Publications Olaf Pedersen
302 I:3 F:5 :2 Coming of Age in the Milky Way Timothy Ferris
303 I:20 B:3 R:1 :1 The Trinity Karl Rahner
304 I:20 B:1 B:18 :1 The Birth of Jesus - Biblical and Theological Reflections George J. Brooke
305 IN:7 B:9 :1 Fastest Way to Total Eradication of Poverty Through Scientific Democratic Approach Found Missing D. C. Bilandani
306 I:18 G:18 :1 Jewish Spirituality from the Bible through the Middle Ages Arthur Green(Ed.)
307 I:11 C:1 :3 Conversations with Neil's Brain - The Neural Nature of Thought and Language. Conversations with Neil's Brain - The Neural Nature of Thought and Language Willian H. Calvin & George A. Ojemann
308 I:3 J:9 :1 The Frontiers of Science and Faith - Examining Questions from the Big Bang to the End of the Universe John Jefferson Davis
309 I:20 E:2 D:1 :1 A Dictionary of Religious Orders Peter Day
310 I:7 R:9 :3 The Making of Intelligence Ken Richardson
311 I:3 G:18 :1 Frozen Star Georgegreenstein
312 I:6 T:8 :1 Chaos and harmony - Perspectives of Scientific Revolutions of the Twentieth Century Trinh Xuan Thuan
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601 I:9 P:1 :3 This Too will Pass Away Kuruvila Pandikattu
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839 I:8 C:12 :1 Mathematical Mysteries - The Beauty and Magic of Numbers Calvin C. Clawson
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865 I:8 G:18 :1 The Marriage of East and West Bede Griffiths
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885 I:3 S:9 :2 Self-Designed Universe Harbhajan Singh
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888 I:20 K:11 C:1 :2 The Body for the Beginners Dani Cavallaro
889 I:12 C:12 :1 Are We Hardwired ? William R. Clark and Michal Crunstein
890 I:22 V:1 :1 The Legacy of Charaka M.S. Valiathan
891 I:7 P:1 :10 The Bliss of Being Human Kuruvilla Pandikattu
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893 I:7 P:5 :4 Resurrection Ted Peters
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896 I:7 :1 :1 International Conference on Biotechnology and Neuroscience CUSAT
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906 I:22 A:1:1 Hinduism and its Sense of History Aravind Sharma
907 I:22 D:1 :1 Development of Indian Culture Tarkateertha Laxmanshastri Joshi
908 I:22 M:1 :1 Vedic View of the Earth S.R.N. Murthy
909 I:8 B:8 :1 The Oneness/Otherness Mystery Sutapas Bhattacharya
910 I:15 K:21 :1 Modern Concepts of Ecology H.D. Kumar
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916 I:20 P:7 J:1 :1 Onnuri Medicine Park Jae Woo
917 I:20 G:3 K:11 :1 The Man Who Knew Infinity Robert Kanigel
918 I:20 X:2 C:1 :1 ART For Beginners Dani Cavallaro
919 I:20 S:2 S:9 :1 The End of India Khushwant Singh
920 I:20 K:1 C:1 :1 Exploring Philosophy: An Introductory Anthology Steven M. Cahn
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924 I:9 K:5 :1 Vipareethangalkkappuram P. Kesavan Nair
925 I:19 W:1 :1 Einstein Galileo and Aquinas William A. Wallace
926 I:15 P:1 :2 Reflections on Ecology: Towards a Holistic Vision of Reality Augustine Pamplany
927 I:17 W:5 :3 Advanced Learner's English - English - Malayalam Dictionary T.K. Thomas
928 I:7 P:5 :5 The Palace of Glory - God's World and Science Arthur Peacocke
929 I:7 P:5 :6 Science, Theology and Ethics Ted Peters
930 I:7 T:8 :1 Adam, Eve, and the Genome - The Human Genome Project and Theology Susan Brooks
931 I:10 H:3 :1 Creation Hans Schwarz
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934 I:20 K:17 L:21 :1 Going to the Roots - A Multi-Disciplinary Study K. Luke
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938 I:3 S:9 :3 Buddhist Cosmology N.K. Singh
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940 I:20 K:3 V:21 :1 Intercultural Philosophy from Indian Perspective Vincent Gabriel Furtado
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942 I:7 P:21 :2 From Science to God: The Mysteries of Consciousness and the Meaning of Light Peter Russel
943 I:23 S:1 :1 Nanotechnology: Athisookshmathalathile Sadyathayum Prayogavum Anvar Sadat
944 I:20 C:2 K:1 :1 Living Organ Donation and Transplantation - A Medical, Legal, and Moral Theological Appraisal Scaria Kanniyakonil
945 I:9 C:1 :9 The Hidden Connections- A Science for Sustainable Living Fritjof Capra
946 I:7 P:1 :11 Theological Mysteries in Scientific Perspective Augustine Pamplany
947 I:22 S:1 :1 Ayurveda or Hindu System of Medical Science Sri Satguru Publications
948 I:22 K:21 :1 Ayurveda Vistas P.H. Kulkarni
949 I:22 K:21 :2 Secrets of Mind-Body Health through Holistic Care P.H. Kulkarni
950 I:22 G:21 :1 Hindu Practice of Medicine K.R.L. Gupta
951 I:20 K:3 S:16 :1 The Question of Being - East-West Perspectives Mervyn Sprung
952 I:22 A:20 :1 Secrets of Ayurvedic Massage Atreya
953 I:20 B:1 D:15 :1 Christ in the Spirit - Contemporary Spirit Christologies Mohan Doss
954 I:15 M:1 :1 Green Liberation - Towards an Integral Ecotheology George Mathew Nalunnakkal
955 I:18 T:9 :1 Theo-Economics P.J. Titus
956 I:20 B:1 F:5 :1 Rediscovering Christ in Asia Kenneth Fernando
957 I:14 E:4 :1 The Emerging Electronic Church - A Theological Critique on the Church Encountering Computer, Television and Cyber World John Edappilly
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959 I:18 T:8 :2 Theology of Community - A Tribal Theology in the Making K. Thanzauva
960 I:12 P:15 :1 Cloning and the Human Future Felix Podimattam
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963 I:22 K:1 :2 Caraka Samhita (Vol.2) Chandra Kaviratna and P. Sharma
964 I:22 K:1 :3 Caraka Samhita (Vol.3) Chandra Kaviratna and P. Sharma
965 I:22 K:1 :4 Caraka Samhita (Vol.4) Chandra Kaviratna and P. Sharma
966 I:22 K:1 :5 Caraka Samhita (Vol.5) Chandra Kaviratna and P. Sharma
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969 I:22 P:23 M:21 :1 Glimpses of Hindu Astrology and Some Aspects of Indology S.R.N. Murthy
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975 I:7 :7 Reader (Compiled by Philip Clayton) Paris Workshops Elon University
976 I:27 :2 Agenda - Paris Workshops Elon University
977 I:7 :9 Papers Paris Workshops Elon University
978 I:9 K:9 :2 How It Happens - The Extraordinary Processes of Everyday Things Barbara Ann Kepfer
979 I:22 J:1 :1 Salient Features of Ayurveda S.D. Jalukar
980 I:7 S:20 :3 Science et Quete de Sens Jean Staune
981 I:19 S:20 :2 The Universe in A Nutshell Stephen Hawking
982 I:8 B:8 :2 Code Name God - The Spiritual Odyssey of a Man of Science Mani Bhaumik
983 I:22 W:21 :1 The Roots of Ayurveda Domkinic Wujastyk
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991 I:18 D:1 :2 Journey Through the Word - Exploring Biblical Themes James E. Davison and Sara Covin Juengst
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997 I:7 R:21 :3 Fifty Years in Science and Religion Ian G. Barbour and His Legacy
998 I:18 B:18 :2 The Holy Thursday Revolution Beatice Bruteau
999 I:9 K:1 :2 Prapancham Ennale Ennu Nale (Mal.) A. Rajagopal
1000 I:9 V:5 :3 Through Matter and Energy to Life and Soul Joseph Vempeny
1001 I:20 N:9 P:18 :1 Terrorism: The Philosophical Issues Igor Primoratz
1002 I:18 K:19 :B:18 :1 World without End: Christian Eschatology from a Process Perspective Joseph A. Bracken
1003 I:3 F:5 :3 Stephan Hawking Quest for a Theory of Everything Kitty Freguson
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1006 I:22 H:15 :1 Studies in the Medicine of Ancient India - Osteology or the Bones of the Human Body A.F. Rudolf Hoernle
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1008 I:18 K:19 B:18 :1 World Without End - Christian Eschatology from a Process Perspective Joseph A. Bracken
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1032 I:9 P:2 S:13 :1 Chemistry: A Modern Course Robert Davisson
1033 I:19 C:8 :1 A Source Book in Chinese Philosophy Wing-Tsit Chan
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1037 I:7 S:3 :3 Theological Ethics and Global Dynamics William Schweiker
1038 I:3 P:1 :2 Cosmos, Bios and Theos - Introduction to Philosophy of Science, Scientific Cosmology and Science-Religion Dialogue Augustine Pamplany
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1040 I:7 R:15 :3 Science and Religion - A Critical Survey Holmes Rolston
1041 I:8 A:16 K:19 :1 Women of Bible Lands Martha Ann Kirk
1042 I:8 :C:12 :1 Ways of Knowing (Science and Mysticism Today) Charis Clarke
1043 I:3 H:1 :11 A Brief History of Time Stephen Hawking
1044 I:12:M:25 :1 Catholic Contribution to Bio- Ethics Hormis Mynatty
1045 I:12 :D:9 :1 Ethics of Reproductive Technologies Kris Dierickx
1046 I:12:G:15 :1 Human Genetics and Medical Technologies Bert Gordijn
1047 I:12:G:1 :1 New Pathways for European Bioethics Chris Gastmans
1048 I:12:V:9 :1 Clinical Bioethics Corrrado Viafora
1049 I:12:B:15 :1 Interdisciplinary Research in Bioethics Pascal Borry
1050 I:12:V:1 :1 Treatment Decisions for Vulnerable People Evert Van
1051 I:12:P:5 :1 Religion and Bioethics Renzo Pegoraro
1052 I:12:S:3 :1 Choices in Healthcare Paul Schotsmans
1053 I:12:P:15:2 Public Health and Prevention Poeria Poletti
1054 I:12:G:1 :3 Ethical Theories and Methods of Ethics Chris Gastmans
1055 I:12:L:5 :4 Palliative Care Carlo Leget
1056 I:12:Z:1 :5 Interdisciplinary Research in Bio-ethics Renzo Zanotti
1057 I:12:A:18 :6 Research Ethics Paola Arslan
1058 I:12:D:4 :7 Introduction Into Bioethics Wim Dekkers
1059 I:12:H:1 :8 Establishing Bio-ethics Committees Hen Ten Have
1060 I:12:M:1 :9 International Declaration on Human Genetic Data Matsuura
1061 I:12:U:14 :1 The Ethics and Politics of Nanotechnology UNESCO
1062 I:12:N:9 :1 Human Cloning Bertrand Nicolas
1063 I:12:N:9 :1 Human Cloning Bertrand Nicolas
1064 I:12 B:5 :2 Contemporary Issues in Bioethics Tom L. Beauchamp
1065 I:12 M:15 :1 The Universal Declaration on the Human Genome and Human Rights: From Theory to Practice Koichiro Matsuura
1066 I:10: D:9 :1 A Devil's Chaplain (Selected Essays) Richard Dawkins
1067 I:20 B:1 T:9 :1 Asian Faces of Christ - Theological Colloquium Vimal Tirimanna
1068 I:12:B:18 :1 The Next Fifty Years: Science in the First Half of the Twenty-First Century John Brockman
1069 I:20:D:9 :1 The God Delusion Richard Dawkins
1070 I:20:S:5 :2 The Case for Faith Lee Strobel
1071 I:7 Y:15 :1 Rational Choice Theory and Religion Lawrence A. Young
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1076 I:20:S:9 :4 God: The Failed Hypothesis - How Science Shows That God Does Not Exist Victor J. Stenger
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1079 I:20:H:1 :7 The End of Faith Sam Harris
1080 I:20:M:12 :8 Dawkins' God: Genes, Memes and the Meaning of Life Alister E. Mcgrath
1081 I:20:M:12 :9 The Twilight of Atheism Alister E. Mcgrath
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1088 I:22:G:15 :3 We Claim These are Indian Discoveries N. Gopalakrishanan
1089 I:22:G:15 :4 Lord Krishna’s Sixty Seven Messages From Bhagavat Gita For the Modern Life N. Gopalakrishanan
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1091 I:22:S:8 :3 Indian mathematics:1100 Years Ago K.S. Sukla
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1093 I:22:G:15 :6 Chemistry In Sanskrit N. Gopalakrishanan
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1095 I:22:G:15 :8 Geometry In Ancient India N. Gopalakrishanan
1096 I:22:G:15 :9 Ancient Indian Discoveries: Numbers and Zero N. Gopalakrishanan
1097 I:22:R:1 :1 Ancient Sanskrit and Modern Computers K.P. Rajappan
1098 I:22:G:15 :10 Ancient Indian Knowledge in Arithmetic and Mensuration N. Gopalakrishanan
1099 I:22:G:15 :11 What Every Indian Should Know about Hinduism: What is and What is not Hinduism N. Gopalakrishanan
1100 I:22:G:15 :12 The Customs and Rituals in Hindu Dharma: An outline of Hinduism N. Gopalakrishanan
1101 I:22:G:15 :13 351 Indian Messages on Management N. Gopalakrishanan
1102 I:22:G:15 :14 Bharatheeya: Vijnana/Saatra Dharma N. Gopalakrishanan
1103 I:22:G:15 :15 Proof For Few Indian Discoveries N. Gopalakrishanan
1104 I:22:G:15 :16 Values: Value Based Life,Value Based Education N. Gopalakrishanan
1105 I:22:S:1 :1 List of Carnatic Ragas Kumaran Santhanam
1106 I:22:G:15 :17 Thursday Messages N. Gopalakrishanan
1107 I:22:G:15 :18 Theorems Discovered by Indians N. Gopalakrishanan
1108 I:22:G:15 :19 Depth of Knowledge in Ancient Indian Astronomy N. Gopalakrishanan
1109 I:22:G:15 :20 Ancient Indian Knowledge on Planet Earth N. Gopalakrishanan
1110 I:22:G:15 :21 Ancient Indian Knowledge on the Sun, The Moon and Eclipse N. Gopalakrishanan
1111 I:22:G:15 :22 Ancient Indian Knowledge in Metals and alloys N. Gopalakrishanan
1112 I:22:B:1 :1 Metallurgical Marvels of Ancient India R. Balasubramaniam
1113 I:22:G:15 :23 Indian Technological Heritage N. Gopalakrishanan
1114 I:22:G:15 :24 Science of Living: Bharatheeya Jeevana Saastra N. Gopalakrishanan
1115 I:22:G:15 :2 Indian Astronomical knowledge:1300 Years ago N. Gopalakrishanan
1116 I:22:S:8 :1 Maha-Bhaskariya K.S. Sukla
1117 I:22:B:8 :1 Ancient Indian Aircraft: Vaimanika Saastra of Maharshi Bharadwaaja Maharhi Bharadwaaja
1118 I:22:G:15 :26 India Sixty Vision and Mission: Syllabus for Indian Heritage N. Gopalakrishanan
1119 I:22:G:15 :27 Ancient Indian Advice for Modern Management N. Gopalakrishanan
1120 I:22:G:15 :28 Quotations: Ancient Indian Science N. Gopalakrishanan
1121 I:22:G:15 :29 Indian Scientifis Heritage N. Gopalakrishanan
1122 I:22:G:15 :30 Spectrometer of Maharshi Bharadvaaja N. Gopalakrishanan
1123 I:22:G:15 :31 Vrukshaayurveda of Varaahamihira N. Gopalakrishanan
1124 I:22:P:1 :1 Science and Spirituality in Modern India Makarand Paranjaape
1125 I:20 D:9 :1 The Spaces of Postmodernity Michael J. Dear
1126 I:7 S:4 :1 Essays on Science and Religion T.D. Singh
1127 I:7 H:1 :4 The Encounter of Faith and Science in Interreligious Dialogue Sarojini Henry
1128 I:7 S:22 :2 Did My Genes Make Me Do It?: And Other Philosophical Dilemmas Avrum Stroll
1129 I:12 S:8 :2 Bioethics: Basic Writings on the Key Ethical Questions that Surround the Major, Modern Biological Possibilities and Problems Thomas A. Shannon
1130 I:11 R:22 :1 Phantoms in the Brain: Probing the Mysteries of the Human Mind V.S. Ramachandran
1131 I:22 S:4 :1 Towards a Culture of Harmony and Peace T.D. Singh
1132 I:9 G:18 :1 Almost Everyone’s Guide To Science - The Universe, Life and Everything John Gribbin
1133 I:12 R:12 :1 Philosophy of Biology: A Contemporary Introduction Alex Rosenberg
1134 I:9 D:11 :1 Beyond Reason: 8 Great Problems That Reveal the Limits of Science A.K. Dewdney
1135 I:2 L:1 :1 The Beginnings of Western Science: The European Scientific Tradition in Philosophical, Religious, and Institutional Context, 600 B.C to A.D. 1450 David C. Lindberg
1136 I:7 S:9:2 How to Relate Science and Religion Mikael Stenmark
1137 I:12 A:9:1 Perfect Copy: Unravelling The Cloning Debate Nicholas Agar
1138 I:11 C:9:1 How Brains Think: The Evolution of Intelligence William H. Calvin
1139 I:5 J:5:1 A Shortcut Through Time: The Path to the Quantum Computer George Johnson
1140 I:9 M:15:1 Unsolved Mysteries of Science John Malone
1141 I:3 G:15:1 Companion To The Cosmos John Gribbin
1142 I:15 B:1:1 Bohm On Dialogue David Bohm
1143 I:4 W:15:1 What Einstein Told His Barber Robert L. Wolke
1144 I:3 F:9:1 The Mind's Sky - Human Intelligence in a Cosmic Context Timothy Ferris
1145 I:10 K:1:1 Darwin, His Daughter and Human Evolution Randal Keynes
1146 I:10 S:1:1 Darwin's Cathedral: Evolution, Religion and The Nature of Society David Sloan Wilson
1147 I:9 N:9:1 Being Digital Nicholas Negroponte
1148 I:9 B:1:1 On Creativity David Bohm
1149 I:12 L:9:1 The Triple Helix: Gene, Organism and Environment Richard Lewontin
1150 I:7 R:1:1 Our Cosmic Habitat Martin Rees
1151 I:1 M:21:1 Varieties of Meaning: The 2002 Jean Nicod Lectures Ruth Garrett Millikan
1152 I:3 G:15:2 The Runaway Universe: The Race to Find the Future of the Cosmos Donald Goldsmith
1153 I:9 M:15:2 Science as Culture Robert M.Young
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1161 I:12 R:12:1 Philosophy of Biology Alex Rosenberg
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1163 1180 I:22 J:8:1 Ancient Indian Sciences (Vol.2) Swami Chidatman Jee Maharaj
1164 I:2 S:9:1 Galileo In Rome William R. Shea
1165 I:10 D:9:1 The Ancestor's Tale Richard Dawkins
1166 I:1 P:20 :1 Philosophy of Science A-Z Stathis Psillos
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1172 I:12 C:5 :1 Paramparyavum Cloningum (Mal) Balakrishnan Cheruppa
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1174 I:19 A:4 :1 Science and Morality A.D. Alexandrov
1175 I:12:H:1 :7 Ethics of Science and Technology Henk Ten Have
1176 I:23 D:18 :1 Engines of Creation in the Cosmic Era of Nanotechnology K. Eric Derexler
1177 I:11 R:15 :1 Mind and Brain - A Philosophy of Science Arturo Rosn Blueth
1178 I:19 F:5 :2 Ethics of Modern Technology: An Introduction to Jonas Ethics of Responsibility Sahayadas Fernando
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1183 I:10:A:16 Evolution and Theology Augustine Pamplany CST
1184 I:18:A:13 Science and The Study Of God Alan G. Padgett
1185 I:2 H:1 The Age of Everything Mathew Hedman
1186 I:12 V :5 Biotech Patent law Veena
1187 I:10 UP:1 Parinamam A.N. Ummerkutty
1188 I:9 SA:1 A Brief History of Time Stephen W. Hawking
1189 I:5 W:5 Quantum Questions Ken wilber
1190 I:15: R:21 Green Consumerism (Approaches & Country Experiences) Sumati Reddy
1191 I:10 D:8 On the Origin Of Species (By Means of Natural Selection) Charles Darein
1192 I:7 M:3:4 Where God and Science Meet Vol.2: The Neurology of Religious Experience Patrick Mcnamara
1193 I:7 M:3:5 Where God and Science Meet Vol.3: The Psychology of Religious Experience Patrick Mcnamara
1194 I:1 W:5:1 The Scientist As Philosopher Friedel Weinert
1195 I:12 JP:1 Jeevarahasyangalle Darsanikathai (Mal) Augustine Pamplany
1196 I:13 B:18:1 Introducing Artificial Intelligence Henry Brighton
1197 I:4 E:12:7 Relativity Albert Einstein
1198 I:7 P:20 The Blackwell Companion To Science and Christinity J.B. Stump and Alan G. Padgett
1199 I:7 K:15:1 Contemporary Science and Religion in Dialogue Job Kozhamthadam
1200 I:7 K:15 :3 Contemporary Science and Religion in India - Challenges and Opportunities Job Kozhamthadam
1201 I:7 P:5:7 Critical Issues In the Philosophy of Science and Religion Augustine Perumalil
1202 I:10 F:4:1 Involving God in yhe Evolving World Victor Ferrao
1203 I:7 P:1:13 Together Towards Tomorrow Kuruvila Pandikkattu
1204 I:7 P:1:12 Ever Approachable, Never Attainable Kuruvila Pandikkattu
1205 I:7 K:15:4 Modern Science, Religion And The Quest For Unity Job Kozhamthadam
1206 I:19 P:1:3 Death: Live It Kuruvila Pandikkattu
1207 I:19 P:1:1 Life As Love Kuruvila Pandikkattu
1208 I:20 K:15 P:1:1 Between Beneath, Before and Beyond Kuruvila Pandikkattu
1209 I:8 B:18:1 Cosmology and Creation - The Spiritual Significance of Contemporary Cosmology Paul Brockleman
1210 I:7 J:8:1 Creative Convergence Quotes On Science-Religion Dialogue Shabin Varghese CST and Libin Joseph CST
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1212 I:1 M:18:1 An Introduction to the History And Philosophy of Science R.V.G. Menon
1213 I:7 P:1 :14 Evolution And Theology Fr. Augustine Pamplany
1214 I:7 P:2 :3 Between Beneath, Before and Beyond Kuruvila Pandikkattu
1215 I:7 R:19:1 An Idealist View of Life S. Radhakrishnan
1216 I:7 R:19:1 An Idealist View of Life S. Radhakrishnan
1217 I:10 K:1:2 The Magic of Reality Richard Dawkins
1218 I:10 D:9:3 Brief Candle In the Dark Richard Dawkins
1219 I:10 D:9:2 The God Delusion Richard Dawkins
1220 I:25 E:12:1 Ideas and Opinions Albert Einstein
1221 I:25 B:1:1 Einstein's Greatest Mistake David Bodanis
1222 I:25 B:1:2 E=Mc2 David Bodanis
1223 I:25 E:1:1 Relativity The Special and The General Theory Albert Einstein
1224 I:5 G:15:1 In Search of Schrodinger's Cat John Gibbrin
1225 I:10 D:9:5 The Ancestor's Tale Richard Dawkins
1226 I:10 D:9:4 Modern Science Writing Richard Dawkins
1227 I:3 P:1:3 The Logic of Scientific Discovery Karl Popper
1228 I:1 D:1:1 Conjectures and Refutations Karl Popper
1229 I:9 C:1:10 Beyond Determinism and Reductionism Mark Ly Chan and Roland Chia
1230 I:25 P:15:I Einstein for Everyone Robert L. Piccioni
1231 I:9 C:1:10 Beyond Determinism and Reductionism Mark Ly Chan and Roland Chia
1232 I:2 K:1:1 Galileo Galilei Naresh Kinger
1233 I:6 G:1:1 Chaos James Gleick
1234 I:3 B:15:2 The Universe John Brockman
1235 I:24 L:18:1 Stephen Hawking- A Biography Kristine Larsen
1236 I:24 H:24:1 Black Holes And Baby Universes Stephen Hawking
1237 I:24 H:20:2 Challenge To Impossible Stephen Hawking
1238 I:24 H:20:5 My Brief History Stephen Hawking
1239 I:24 H:20:3 The Theory of Everything Stephen Hawking
1240 I:24 H:20:4 A Briefer History of Time Stephen Hawking
1241 I:24 K:1:1 A Rockstar Scientist-Stephen Hawking Naresh Kinger
1242 I:24 H:20:6 Stephen Hawking- The Grand Design Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow
1243 I:10 D:9:200 Richard Dawkins: The God Delusion Richard Dawkins
1244 I:24 H:20:7 God Created the Integers Stephen Hawking
1245 I:24 H:20:7 God Created the Integers Stephen Hawking
1246 I:24 H:20:8 On the Shoulders of Giants: The Great Works of Physics and Astronomy Stephen Hawking
1247 I:10 D:9:8 The Selfish Gene Richard Dawkins
1248 I:10 D:9:7 An Appetite for Wonder: The Making of a Scientist A Memoir Richard Dawkins
1249 I:20 D:9:2 The Blind Watchmaker Richard Dawkins
1250 I:10 D:9 :6 The Greatest Show on Earth; The Evidence for Evolution Richard Dawkins
1251 I:10 D:9:9 Brief Candle in The Dark ;My Life in Science Richard Dawkins
1252 I:10 D:9:13 An Appetite for Wonder The Making of a Scientist A Memoir Richard Dawkins
1253 I:10 D:9:12 The Ancestor's Tale ;A Pilgrimage to The Dawn of Life Richard Dawkins
1254 I:10 D:9 :10 How a Scientist Changed the Way We Think Richard Dawkins
1255 I:10 D:9:11 River Out of Eden A Darwinian View of Life Richard Dawkins
1256 I:10 D:9:14 The Magic of Reality How We Know What's Really True Richard Dawkins
1257 I:15 PS:1 Paristhithideivasastrathinu Oru Samakalikabhashyam Scaria Kanniyakonil and Dominic Vechoor
1258 I:20 W:21:2 Wittgenstein's Philosophical Investigations Arif Ahmed
1259 I:20 W:21:4 Philosophy of Wittgenstein R.C. Pradhan
1260 I:20 W:21:3 Wittgensteinian Fideism? Kai Nielsen and D.Z. Phillips
1261 I:15 P:21:1 East - West Interface of Reality - A Scientific and Intuitive Inquiry into the Nature of Reality Augustine Pamplany and Job Kozhamthadam
1262 I:2 P:15:3 Rehumanizing The Human: Interdisciplinary Essays on Human Person in Context: Festschrift for Dr. Jose Panthackal CST Augustine Pamplany
1263 I:12 P:15:3 Rehumanizing The Human: Interdisciplinary Essays on Human Person in Context: Festchrift for Dr. Jose Panthackal CST Agustine Pamplany
1264 I:3 W:18:2 A Brief History of Time Stephen Hawking
1265 I:20 O:8 E:22 :1 Emotion A Very Short Introduction Dylan Evans
1266 I:19 P:1 :4 The Bliss of Being Human Kuruvilla Pandikattu
1267 I:20 O:2:1 Theology in Transition Elmer OBrien
1268 I:20 O:3:1 Has Dogma a Future? Gerald O'collins
1269 I:10 H:1 :3 101 Questions on evolution John F. Haught
1270 I:20 D:1 :1 God and Us Jean Danielou
1271 I:20 K:15 :2 The Prophets Klaus Koch
1272 I:14 S:20 :1 Zygon Joint Publication Board of Zygon
1273 I:3 D:25 :1 Disturbing the Universe Freeman Dyson
1274 I:20 M:3 :1 John Henry Newman: Universal Revelation Francis Mcgrath
1275 I:5 T:8 :1 Truth in the Light of Quantum Mechanics Mathew P. Thomas
1276 I:3 P:1:1 History of the Universe JDV Centre for Science and Religion Studies Pune
1277 I:19 G:5 :1 Education as the Participation of the individual in the social consciousness of the race : A Philosophical Appraisal of the concept of education according to John Dewey Saji George Nellikunnel
1278 I:19 P:1 :1 Life as Love Kuruvilla Pandikattu
1279 I:19 P:1 :8 Life as Love Kuruvilla Pandikattu
1280 I:18 T:8 :3 Gospel Parallels: A Synopsis of the first three Gospels Burton H. Throckmorton
1281 I:19 T:5 :1 Le Milieu Divin: The Phenomenon of man: An Essay on the Interior Life Pierre Teilhard and De Chardin
1282 I:7 C:8 :2 Interrelating Science and Christianity Dr. Anto Cheranthuruthy
1283 I:7 K:15 :4 Contemporary Science and religion in Dialogue: Challenges and Opportunities Job Kozhamthadam
1284 I:17 P:1 :5 Science Encyclopedia Ian Graham, Barbara Taylor, John Farndon, and Chris Oxlade
1285 I:26 P:1 :1 Determinants of end of life decision making: Religious, Cultural and Social Considerations: Patient/ Caregiver Perspective Princy L. Palatty
1286 I:27 N:1 :1 National Conference on Science and Religion: Technological Advancement in Science and its socio Religious Impact Gospel and Plough Theological Institute
1287 I:27 I:14 :1 Intersecting Science, Philosophy & Religion: An Indian Perspective Little Flower Seminary
1288 I:7 H:5 :5 The Green of Science and theology Sarjini Henry
1289 I:27 P:5 :1 30th Pearl Jubilee World Congress of Science & Spirituality Zoroastrian College
1290 I:27 O:13 :1 International Symposium on Genetic and Neuroscience: Frontiers in Philosophy, Religion and Ethics Little Flower Seminary
1291 I:27 I:14 :2 The Indian Philosophical Congress 94th session: 9-11 March 2020 North-Eastern Hill University
1292 I:SL :7 D:5 :1 Is God an Illusion? The Great Debate Between Science and Spirituality Deepak Chopra and Leonard Mlodinow
1293 I:9 S:4 :2 Paranormal Experience: Beyond the Realms of Reason Mehra Shrikhande
1294 I:31 N:3 T:1 Gospel of John Gospel of Luke Rekha Chennatt Malipurath
1295 I:31 N:3 T:2 The Gospel of Mathew The Gospel of Luke K.P. Joseph
1296 I:31 N:3 T:3 Letters of Paul Gabriel Paul
1297 I:31 N:3 T:3 Letters of Paul Gabriel Paul
1298 I:31 N:3 T:4 Inspiration and Canon Introduction to Old Testament Rui De Menezes and Scaria Kuthirakattil
1299 I:31 N:3 T:5 NT Background - Introduction to the Synoptics Scaria Kuthirakathil
1300 I:31 N:3 T:5 NT Background - Introduction to the Synoptics Scaria Kuthirakathil
1301 I:31 N:3 T:7 The Book of Job Simon K.
1302 I:31 N:3 T:8 Penteteuch Rue Demenzis
1303 I:31 N:3 T:9 Pauline Letters Rui De Menezies
1304 I:31 N:3 T:10 Prophets Rui De Menezies
1305 I:31 N:3 T:11 Rui de Menezes Augustine Pamplany
1306 I:31 N:3 T:12 Gospel of Mark K.J. Scaria
1307 I:31 N:2 T:1 Church History Gitanjali Issac Padinjarekkutt
1308 I:31 N:2 T:2 Church History Issac Padinjarekkutt
1309 I:31 N:2 T:3 Theology of Religion Rocha
1310 I:31 N:2 T:4 Articles on Mysticism: Theological Methodology, Women, Gandhi, Death, Church Augustine Pamplany
1311 I:31 N:2 T:5 Field Study: Study aids to theology: Hospital Chaplaincy: Drug Cult and Care: Communication: Human Reproduction: Abortion Augustine Pamplany
1312 I:31 N:2 T:6 Theology of Religion Rocha
1313 I:31 N:2 T:7 Articles on Religion and Sacraments Augustine Pamplany
1314 I:31 N:2 T:9 Theological Anthropology: Convent Theology Jacob Parappally
1315 I:31 N:2 T:13 Notes and Assignments Augustine Pamplany
1316 I:31 N:2 T:12 Anthropology: Spirit: Ecclesiology: Ministry Kurian Kunnumpuram
1317 I:31 N:2 T:10 Theology of the Sacraments Errol Dlima
1318 I:31 N:2 T:8 Trinity: Dharma of Jesus: Mariology: Christology Jacob Parappally
1319 I:31 N:1 P:1 Notes and Assignments: William James: Kierkegaard: Science and Technology: Eddingtons Mysticism Augustine Pamplany
1320 1352 I:31 N:1 P:2 ENFP: Behavioural Therapy M.C. Abhram
1321 I:31 N:1 P:3 Philosophy of language: West Fred Dallmayr
1322 I:31 N:1 P:4 Philosophy of Language: Sankara John Vattanky
1323 I:31 N:1 P:5 Indian Philosophy Richard Desmet
1324 I:31 N:1 P:6 Indian Philosophy Noel Shetha
1325 I:31 N:1 P:7 Karl Rahner Cyril Desbruslais
1326 I:31 N:2 T:14 Notes and Assignments Augustine Pamplany
1327 I:31 N:2 T:15 Sociology of Religion Paul P.
1328 I:31 N:1 P:11 B.Tech Defence Thesis: Science Articles: Wittgenstien: Trinity: St Paul Augustine Pamplany
1329 I:31 N:2 T:16 Collected Essays Subash Anand
1330 I:27 C:1 International Conference on Catholicism in the World of Science Patriarchal Seminary of Rachol
1331 I:28 M:1 The Spiral Newsletter Of The Metanexus Institute
1332 I:27 C:2 International Symposium: Emerging trends in bioethics: Indian context and perspectives Little Flower Seminary
1333 I:27 C:3 Proceedings of national seminar Development in medical technologies: ethical philosophical and religious implications Indian Institute of Science and Religion
1334 I:27 C:4 International Symposium on Spirituality and Ethics In Medicine West Bengal University of Health Sciences
1335 I:27 C:5 National bioethics conference 2017: Recent developments in medical sciences and the need for exploring innovative ethical responses: a Philosophical religious appraisal Fr. Mullar Medical College
1336 I:27 C:6 Intersecting Science, Philosophy & Religion: An Indian Perspective Little Flower Seminary
1337 I:27 C:7 National Conference On Psychology In Changing India & World Mental Health Day Observance LISSAH
1338 I:27 C:8 First Asian philosophy congress: programme Indian Council Of Philosophical Research
1339 I:27 C:9 Zoroastrian College Silver Jubilee 25th World Congress of Medicina Alternativa Un Millenium Goals: Pease: Science & Spirituality & Russian Indian Friendship Zoroastrian College
1340 I:SL :7 R:15 :4 The interface of Science and religion: An Introductory Study Rodinmawia Ralte
1341 I:SL :7 B:9 :1 Bridging Mathematics philosophy and Theology Binoy Pichalakkattu
1342 I:29 B:21 :1 Climate Change Geoengineering: Philosophical Perspectives Legal Issues and Governance frameworks Wil C G Burns, Andrew L Strauss Ed.
1343 I:29 P:18 :1 Engineering the climate change: the ethics of solar radiation management Christopher J Preston Ed.
1344 I:10 D:1 :5 Science in the soul: Selected writings of a Passionate Rationalist Richard Dawkins
1345 I:26 I:7 :1 Bioethics S. Ignacimuthu
1346 I:26 D:1 :1 The ethics of human embryonic stem cell research: Proposals for a legal framework for India J. Charles Davis
1347 I:SL: 20 K:1 :1 The Open Society and its Enemies: Vol.1: The Spell of Plato Karl Popper
1348 I:12 B:15 :2 Interdisciplinary Research in Bioethics : Part 1 K.U. Leuven
1349 I:30 P:9 :1 Sasthravum Ganithavum Binoy Pichalakkattu
1350 I:30 P:9 :2 Bridging Mathematics Philosophy and Theology Binoy Pichalakkattu
1351 I:30 K:1 :1 The Marvels of Cosmos Lameswar Kanhor
1352 I:21 R:1 :1 Pakida 13: Jyothishabheekarathayude Marupuram Ravichandran C.
1353 I:21 R:1 :2 Nasthikanaya Daivam Ravichandran C.
1354 I:5 G:1 :1 George Gamow Onnu Randu Moonnu Anatham George Gamow
1355 I:5 S:18 :1 Kanabhauthikavum Daivakanavum M.N. Sreedharan Nair
1356 I:5 G:15 :1 Utharadunikashastram R. Gopimani
1357 I:5 K:1 :1 Raman Prabhavam: Raman Effect A. Rajagopal Kammath
1358 I:5 T:8 :2 Sasthram Kandethunna Jeevikkunna Daivam Mariamma Thomas
1359 I:12 J:1 :1 Jaivasankethikavidyakku Oru Amugham A. Jayakumaran Nair
1360 I:12 K:5 :1 DNA Muthal Super Manushyan Vare P. Kesavan Nair
1361 I:12 T:8 :1 Jeevasasthrathil Ninnu Navajeevasasthrathilekke Shaju Thomas
1362 I:10 G:5 :1 Manushyan Ulbhavavum Parinamavum K. George
1363 I:10 L:21 :1 Jeevanum Parinamavum: System Philosophyude Velicham George Luke
1364 I:9 P:5 :1 The Enchanted Darkness Lancelot Pereria
1365 I:8 K:5 :1 Beyond Red: An Apostate on Communism P. Kesavan Nair
1366 I:8 V:5 :1 Vedic Physics: Towards Unification of Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity Keshav Dev Verma
1367 I:7 P:1 :12 Acts of Faith: Journeys to Sacred India Makarand R. Panranjape
1368 I:7 S:1 :4 Healing and Wholeness John A. Sanford
1369 I:7 P:5 :7 Critical Issues in the Philosophy of Science and Religion Augustine Perumalil
1370 I:7 P:1 :13 The What and So What of God Particle: Towards Interfacing Physics Philosophy and Religion Kuruvilla Pandikattu
1371 I:7 K:15 :6 Modern Science Religion and the Quest for Unity Job Kozhamthadam
1372 I:7 K:15 :7 Religious Phenomena in a World of Science Job Kozhamthadam
1373 I:7 K:15 :8 Religious Phenomena in a World of Science Job Kozhamthadam Ed.
1374 I:7 K:15 :9 Science Technology and Values: Science Religion Dialogue in a Multi Religious World Job Kozhamthadam Ed.
1375 I:7 H:5 :6 The Encounter of Faith and Science in Interreligious Dialogue Sarojini Henry
1376 I:7 P:1 :15 Dialogue as Way of Life Kuruvilla Pandikattu
1377 I:7 P:1 :17 Its Time: A Scientific and Philosophical Understanding of Time Kuruvilla Pandikattu
1378 I:7 P:1 :16 Insights Into Science and Spirituality: In Arrangement with Financial Chronicle Kuruvilla Pandikattu
1379 I:7 C:8 :3 Interrelating Science and Christianity Anto Cheranthuruthy
1380 I:SL :13 W:9 :1 Artificial Intelligence Yorick Wilks
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1383 I:SL :13 R:21 :2 Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach: Fourth Edition: Part 2 Stuart Russel and Peter Norvig
1384 I:SL :13 R:21 :3 Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach: Fourth Edition: Part 3 Stuart Russel and Peter Norvig
1385 I:SL :13 R:21 :4 Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach: Fourth Edition: Part 4 Stuart Russel and Peter Norvig
1386 I:SL :13 R:21 :5 Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach: Fourth Edition: Part 5 Stuart Russel and Peter Norvig
1387 I:SL :13 R:21 :6 Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach: Fourth Edition: Part 6 Stuart Russel and Peter Norvig
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1400 I:26 P:1 :2 Bioethics Lecture Notes Augustine Pamplany
1401 I:35 D:26 :1 Rare Hymns Francis Dza
1402 I:34 L:9 :1 Articles By Benjamin Libet Benjamin Libet
1403 I:7 V:1 :1 Creative Convergence Quotes on Science Religion Dialogue Libin Joseph andShabin Joseph
1404 I:27 B:8 :1 Souvenir Mathematics and Reality Bhakti Vedanda Institute
1405 I:31 N:1 P:12 Philosophy of Science Matthew Chandrankunnel and Geo Avanoos
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1412 I:SL:5 F:5 :1 The Character of Physical Law Richard Feynman
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1432 I:SL:7 P:1 :7 The Bliss of Being Human Kuruvilla Pandikattu
1433 I:SL:7 P:5 :2 Critical Issues In The Philosophy of Science and Religion Augustine Perumalil
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1437 I:SL:7 P:1 :3 Mastery Meets Mystery Augustine Pamplany
1438 I:SL:7 P:1 :5 Together Towards Tomorrow Kuruvilla Pandikkattu Ed.
1439 I:SL:7 H:5 :1 The Encounter of Faith and Science in Interreligious Dialogue Sarojini Henry
1440 I:SL:7 K:15 :1 Contemporary Science and Religion in Dialogue Job Kozhamthadam
1441 I:SL:8 P :1 :2 East West Interface of Reality Augustine Pamplany and Job Kozhamthadam
1442 I:SL:11 R:1 :1 The Tell Tale Brain V.S. Ramachandran
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1444 I:SL:11 N:5 :2 Neurotheology Andrew Newberg
1445 I:SL:11 N:5 :3 How God Changes Your Brain Andrew Newberg and Mark Robert Waldman
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1447 I:SL:7 F:5 :1 Involving God in an Evolving World Victor Ferrao
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